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Golf Strength and Mobility part 2

Shoulder stability

Following on from the last article on back mobility the shoulder is the next joint to look at to ensure you get the most out of your golf.

The shoulder is a highly mobile joint, for it to make movements like swinging a golf club, an overhead smash in tennis, swimming or paddling it needs stability to control. The glenohumeral joint (the ball and socket) of the shoulder can be liked to a golf ball on a tee, so for it to work well it needs to be controlled/stabilised in that position, when you move your arm there is an element of roll and slide within the joint to make movement possible and if this is not effective this may lead to pain.

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Did you know that your brain loves to save energy. The more you perform a task, the more it becomes automatic and requires very little effort. It becomes part of your subconscious brain or basal ganglia. When you try something new, it requires a lot of thinking and effort. For this you need to use your prefrontal cortex. When you repeat this new behavior over time it again becomes a habit and again this becomes automatic.

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Golf Strength and Mobility part 1

Thoracic Mobility

Do you play golf or a sport that requires to rotate through the lumbar spine to generate your movement. Golf particularly involves a lot of rotation through the course of a round and often at high velocity. For the body to rotate effectively through the spine it needs to flex (bend forward) extend (Bend backwards) and side bend to enable the full rotation at the joint, and also requires good strength and stability to make this movement smooth.

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Will pilates fix my injury

As a Physiotherapist I get asked this all the time.

Pilates has become the go-to for all injuries that don’t appear to be improving with Physiotherapy treatment.

Even though I do believe that Pilates has its place in re-habilitation I also feel that people are being pressured into spending a great deal of money on an exercise which may not be the answer to their pain.

I wanted to highlight my views.

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Welcome Matt to the team

Matt is an experienced Physiotherapist and Sport Scientist with 20 years in exercise rehabilitation in the UK and Perth, Matt’s approach to patient management is holistic, with a passion for whole body movement, understanding how the rest of your body may be impacting your current injury or area of pain.

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Shin Splints

Do your shins throb and ache after your daily run or just sprinting to catch the bus? It could be shin splints.

The cause is stress on your shinbone and the connective tissues that attach muscles to your bones. They get inflamed and painful.

This common problem can result from:

  • Flat feet,when the impact of a step makes your foot's arch collapse
  • Shoes that don’t fit well or provide good support
  • Working out without warmup or cooldown stretches
  • Weak ankles, hips, or core muscles

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