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Did you know that your brain loves to save energy. The more you perform a task, the more it becomes automatic and requires very little effort. It becomes part of your subconscious brain or basal ganglia. When you try something new, it requires a lot of thinking and effort. For this you need to use your prefrontal cortex. When you repeat this new behavior over time it again becomes a habit and again this becomes automatic.

How does this even relate to an injury? If your back hurts when you move in a certain way, you will begin to change the way you move to stop the pain. Over time this becomes your new way of moving. It becomes your new normal. The brain does this by creating muscle imbalances, joint stiffness and weakness. This can lead to disfunction. Your physio can help you determine what these dysfunctions are. It is important to correct those patterns so we get back to moving as we should be. Simple enough right?.... Nope… Many people know this but why don’t they recover?

This still is not the secret, so how do you get better? Getting better takes a lot of hard work and a little help from others. There is no quick fix There is no magic pill There is no one Physio or professional that has all the answers, find someone you trust and follow exactly what they tell you to do. Communicate your outcomes so you can work together to get the best result. I often see patients who know what they need to do but then a friend will tell them about a magic cure or quick fix. Its too enticing and of course, there is no quick fix. There is no magic exercise plan that is better than another. Research shows that no matter what program you follow, it is the consistency of doing the exercises that makes all the difference.

So The secret is… Find a professional that can diagnose your injury and identify why you have injured yourself. Get started. You will never feel like doing something new as it takes energy and effort. Work on a plan to correct the imbalances and know that it is going to take a lot of effort before it becomes the norm. Be consistent and be prepared to work hard until the imbalances are corrected and become your normal again. Find a buddy that helps you be accountable. If you don’t have one, we do offer a strength class on a Monday morning at 6am. I also know a physio who is more than happy to keep you accountable.



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